SHop window in BATH, England, October, 2008

SHop window in BATH, England, October, 2008

The very first time I heard about how meat can affect our energy was while I was learning Reiki. 

            ‘Meat makes people moody,’ he said…

I just rolled my eyes, knowing full well I was not giving up my scotch fillets, lamb chops, sausages in bread or cooked chickens for anybody’s sake!

Then one night after a Reiki share night, a bunch of us where out for dinner. My Reiki teacher browsed over the menu and  casted his eyes around the group, then he light heartedly said, ‘You will have trouble giving up meat!’ I gritted my teeth.

Time wore on and I wondered why my steaks never tasted like the ones my parents cooked for me as a child. Trying different ways and numerous steaks and even bought a fancy George Foreman grill and they still didn’t come out the same. Besides, I’d puke at the smell of bacon at the pizza shop, my first job I landed in Melbourne late 2005….


FAST forward 2018…Now, I understand that meat lowers your light and energy. Although chicken is used to help us as we go through the thresholds in our ascension process, the ‘chicken’ protein is ‘for our spiritual muscles.’

When you are ready, you will find that the process of eating less or no meat in the future comes easily. Maybe you have already started to reduce your intake.

Boy, look!

My father’s whole life revolved around meat industry, and still does. I eat what I want, as there simply are no ‘labels’ to be vegetarian, vegan or semi veg and so forth.

Allow your body to choose the right foods or meats if you crave them. Often it’s a lack of protein to why you are craving those salami pizzas!

Understanding that once we step on the pathway of ascension is to know that meat, sugar and dairy products lower our vibration.

Doing the best you can at each given moment to make mindful choices, whatever you choose.

I totally get where the country folks stem from…

Because I was once ‘one of them.’

But that’s ok.

The change is up to us.

Whatever we choose for now.





Post written circa 14th March, 2018 (Actual Event 2011/12)