My beloved computer desk.

My beloved computer desk.

Mid afternoon during the Egyptian workshop in Byron, early August 2016 I saw the contents in my house and had a revelation…

“Oh no…now my belongings don’t want me.”

My body fell in a heap as I continued to see the clairvoyant vision of all of what I own, not liking me.



Here I was, sitting on the deck, in Byron and in the middle of a workshop and this slams me in the face?

My bed, my bike, my computer desk, my office chair, my picture wall hangings, my bar fridge, books, oracles cards and practically anything that didn’t fit in my car.
The thought of saying goodbye to all everything that I owned was coming down hard on me in this insight.

What's happening?

Was I moving?

Somehow I knew, I was being prepared to leave, but how or when was I uncertain. It became the talk among the others for me to move up north, but that didn’t feel right.

So, while all my items flashed past me, my inner knowing knew that I was to ‘sell’ my items, not like before and donate, give away or leave out the front for the lucky finder…


From the moment I arrived back in Melbourne, I indeed walked through the house and found that my visions had been correct, as all the items in the house, truly no longer resonated with me. While others, I couldn't bare the thought of selling them.

But I totally get it now. 

After accepting that my belongings not wanting me was totally new, and the procedure to of selling my items online, started with my friends list before venturing on to ‘Gumtree and various Facebook groups.'

As the art of selling was upon me, and from the moment each item was given up, more images flashed past me. So they where added to the collection to be eventually sold off. 

The key was to...

To de-clutter and downsize all the unnecessary items for good.

Don’t you think?






Post written circa 27th/30th March 2018 (Actual event 5-8th August 2016)