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It was a late night, on our way back from the Brisbane MBS to Byron Bay, that my Shaman and I, found ourselves sitting in a broken down car, in the pouring rain.

A silhouette of a woman with wavy hair was shown with the words ‘gumtree.’

            ‘I need to move,’ I said. ‘Ijust saw a vision of woman in a house.’

            ‘I saw it too,’said my Shaman.

This vision brought a flash back of my flight into Brisbane. Oh now it all made sense.

            “Oh what…now my house doesn’t like me,” I thought.

The next day I started looking at rooms for rent and wondered how I was going to move as the March equinox was upon us now.

After a day, my emotions where arising and in my minds eye I could see the word ‘Facebook,’ it was in that moment that I decided to be upfront and clear about moving this time. I already knew I would be moving but was not sure where.

So, I created a post and a couple of friends responded. 

The following day at the Equinox workshop, I set my intent on abundance and finding a new home.

Then during the workshop, one of the things my Shaman did was shut off an invisible hole at the base of my hairline, it was sealed to stop toxic energy entering, meaning so we don't absorb anymore 'junk' from others, before we headed to the forest to visit the Grandmother Tree.

Upon our return around midnight and before we where taken into fire ceremony, I was asked to choose a stick, to offer from the group. I chose the first one I could see form the balcony because I didn’t fancy trekking around in the night with the thought of a snake and my bare legs.

Then we made our way down to the fire for the ceremony and I stared at the hip high pile of palm leaves, tree limbs and branches that had fallen off around the yard. Boy, 'where we in for a long night!' I thought. 

Eventually, we all walked around the fire before I settled into the south and my Shaman opened space.

The fire began…

It smoldered.

My eyes stung.

I gasped for breath.

My body swayed around the smoke crazy fire.

'Why me!' I thought.

The flaming smoke wasn’t going to budge.

I side stepped.

'Get back.'

Then I side stepped again.

'Stay in the South!'

Then I finally got swapped!

I watched.

 My opponent.


The smoke swerved and blew straight past her right shoulder!

How crazy does that sound?

Yes! It's true. The smoke diverted her big time.


Then the rain came, I left the fire to remove my hearing aids and then returned to stand in the cleansing rain until we where complete around three am.

Smoke had cleansed me ready for BIG changes that where in store for me from that moment on….

A few days later, I gave notice to the landlord. 





Post written 8th December 2017 (Actual Event dates 19-22 March 2017)