Christmas 'Fairy' Lights

Christmas 'Fairy' Lights

The car came to a stop, my Shaman, three passengers and myself climbed out. 

The air was fresh. 

Our mobiles displayed ‘no service!'... 

I began to shake uncontrollably...

Was I ready for the first sightings fairies?

With barely enough light to collect our belongings and offerings for the Grandmother Tree, we set off single file across the creek crossing, with only one torch and our mobiles to light up the dirt track. 

With the hope the sky didn't open up on us once we entered the forest, my hearing aids were placed in a case.

From the moment I crossed over the flowing water a feeling of warmest cocoon me. I was no longer shaking…

Then we slowly meandered our way up the hill which had wooden sleepers holding Mother Earth in each step. 

Eventually, we arrived at the Grandmother Tree.

Her tree roots rose high out of the ground and curved like a family lounge room. One by one we gathered around the base using only our hands to reach out to the trunk for a place to sit.

After some time sitting in complete darkness.....

I got up to make my offering to the Grandmother tree and noticed some orange/yellow lights in the distance like headlights in a bushlands. I had similar experience as a child as I grew up in a camping family. Then I returned to my tree trunk and sensed there was something happening until my Shaman mentioned, ‘Can you see the fairies?’

            ‘Wow!’ I thought. I never thought I would see them and as my eyes adjusted and we sat there in silence the lights began getting closer and the forest was slowly coming alive with lots of ‘fairy lights.’ My heart glowed.

‘Look over there!’

Then as my Shaman did some activations on us earlier, we all got to share what mountain we received from the tree….

Each member of the group spoke, and then our eyes where drawn to the area where I thought were car lights, had lit up the forest like Christmas Lights! In fact they fact the...fairies.

It’s True.

I saw the lights with my own very eyes.

Various shades of lights beamed or dimmed all around us.

Although, some of the fairies where visible to the human eyes, but not mine. My heart glowed as I could feel their presence as we ‘oohed’ and ‘arhhhed’ at each section of the forest.

After some time the brightness began to drop by the time it got to my time to talk.

So, what happened?

Do the fairies know, who’s doing the work or has strong connection to this path of a Shaman?


Bing. Bing. Bing.

Surprisingly text messages began to show up on my Shamans phone, through out whole the time at the tree, with glows of light for each message. Even though we where in a ‘No Service’ zone!

Shortly before departing, my body began to feel the cold as though someone had ripped my bed covers off in the middle of the night. Yes, indeed it was the fairies and I was later informed we had actually stayed a fraction too long.

AND it was the elemental beings that coated me in a warm blanket. I know this is real as it wasn’t the first time it had happened to me.

Once it was time to vacate the sacred tree we wandered out single file again and stopped when we came to a creek crossing and I said,’ Let’s turn our lights off.’ And wow, we saw how the lights had followed us down the path and were seeing us out of the National Park. There were even lights glimmering in the water just near our feet. Just magical close the elementals came to visit us and make them self been seen.

While the night was long, I left Byron the following morning with a glowing heart, and memorable experience, I wish for those who are ready to witness exactly what I did.

Don’t you think?

Is that you?





Post written Circa 8th December 2017 and 8th March 2018 (Actual event 21-22 March 2017)