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When I was born, the family home was next door to the local ambulance station. Even though, I was too young to know this, back in October, 2015 I visted the old family home, while catching up up with a friend in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.

Well, in the times before smoke alarms it never occurred to my parents, until my sister came along, that she wailed at sound of the alarm bells at top speed....

AND I never did.

This was one of the many stories told by my mother.

The  former doctors home had the emergency alarm bells wired to the house that operated whenever the Local Fire Bridage had a call out as my father was a volunteer. 

To tell you the truth, I could not tell you about the ring, as I've never heard it. 

If I were to be born in today's world of technology, things may have been different. 


Sound is vital to our healing too, even when you’re not aware of it. Since my healing journey began my choice of music has changed.

Though I’m hearing impaired, I’m highly sensitive to sound and I don’t hear smoke alarms anyway.

Ever since I was a child I often liked to see where I lived in my first years even of in my heart I never bonded with Bacchus Marsh, no matter what I did.

Because my heart belonged to the place where I really was born.


Even to this day my body pines’ for the city as though at all cost I search for the city no matter where I am.

Even after forty or so years, I was heading back from Bacchus Marsh and my eyes and heart were seeking for the first glimpse of the city.

Who would know what may have happened if my parents never travelled?

My life would have been different.

Perhaps a special school for the hearing impaired?

All I’m saying is that we need to look further into situations and not rely on technology to test our health or wellbeing.

What ever it maybe.





Post written circa 1st November, 2015, 18th Feb 2016 (Actual event 1970's)