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On the night of 12thAugust, 2017 or in the early hours of 13thAugust, I felt the breath of the Jaguar.


Around mid June, while sleeping, there was a presence of an animal walking around on my bed, which lead me to believe it was Coco the housemate’s cat. Even though, I knew Coco was not in the apartment, and more so not in my room. Those indentations where felt through my feathered doona, giving me the sense that something very weird was about to happen.

The following morning I sent a text to my psychic friend.

‘Its just Coco protecting you,’ she said.

Days later, the same thing happen again and this time, in a circular motion around my bed as though something was protecting me. It continued to happen a few more times. 

Then on another occasion while Coco was sleeping on my bed, I heard a sound of an animal jumping onto the wooden floorboards. I knew this sound, as this was how Coco used to jump off the bed during the night, when she was on the move.

I slowly peeled my eyes open and saw that she was curled up, with her dark fur moving up and down softly, which indicated she had not moved. 

'What’s going on?' I wondered.

Meanwhile, after several conversations with friends, we figured it out that it must be my Jaguar, from my Shamanic training that began early in  2016. But more so my recent Inka Rites with my Shaman as the first visit was within days of that workshop in June.




On the wintery night of August 12/13, 2017, I was snugged up under my doona, but somehow conscious of the ‘house,’ next I saw the energy of Coco rise up from where she was tuckered up on the red bean bag. 

This presence moved to my housemates room, and then I saw a bright light with a silhouette of her son, who’s name is similar to a cat, I once owned and looked exactly like Coco. 

Then following that bright light, that same energy came into my room, and it was in that moment that I saw her, with her beady yellow eyes darting down at me.

A female Jaguar.

Next, the jaguar opened her mouth and hot, but not scary air streamed out.

Stillness washed over me, followed by the ‘wind’ breath startled a memory from April 2013...

The following day on Sunday, I greeted Ms A. my reiki friend at a vegetarian restuarant, and moments of being seated without mentioning the previous nights incident.

She said, ‘Your skin is glowing.'

I smiled and wondered if it really was the ascension work I had spent many months doing. 

Or seriously had the Jaguar blown some magic onto my face to make it shine?

Who would one know?

Later, after sharing my story, my experience was confirmed that the jaguar was form of protection and she was helping me to cleanse and transmute any harmful energies around me. Not that it mattered that I lived across the road from a heritage cemetery. 


By late August, she followed me to Byron and waited at the end of the bed on the first night and that was the last of her as I drifted off to sleep. 





Post written Circa 12th September, 2017, 3rdApril 2018 (Actual event date 18thJun-23 August, 2017)