Magical Reads

The Silent Stones BOOKS.jpg

The Silent Stones - A Spiritual Adventure

A fabulous read of a high frequency book in a fiction story. It’s the first of a three part series that follows the journey of Marcus, Helen and Joanne who receives a scroll and the challenges that face them.

This books is easy to read without feeling sleepy and the pages just simply flip over.

A spiritual book with her teachings in throughout the dialogue.


Birthing a new Civilization BOOK.jpg

Birthing a New Civilisation - Transition to the New Golden Age in 2032

This is a MUST keep book for all as it covers everything up till the New Golden Age that begins in 2032.

From planet issues, healing, and world issues are all covered. I love how many things that had changed in my life have melted away only to discover that these are not part of our future.

Country by country are listed of their karmic issues and what changes need to happen in order for the world to be at peace.

Every person who is able to hold this book, will gain immensely. It’s true. My former housemate ordered this book the same day I bought my copy and it never came! I meant it was sent THREE times! That’s why it’s important to be READY to read it.


The Archangel Guide to Ascension 55 Steps to Light BOOK.jpg

The Archangel Guide to Ascension - 55 Steps to the Light

Fortunately, I was gifted this book from a friend. It’s a high frequency book written in the 7th dimension and can only be held or read by those who are ready. I know because it took me several attempts to read it myself.

It’s very informative in explanations on who everyone is in the invisible world and names you may never have heard of.

Ascension is the path to being in the light and this book is a wonderful one to have as a ‘keep me’ one. It also contains numerous meditations you can try at home and tips on how you can improve your life too.

Books like these are still hard to find in libraries as many are not ready for the information it contains.

Act now and get your guide now to learn about those wonderful beings of light.

So let’s shine brightly.

A new light on Ascension BOOK.jpg

A New Light on Ascension

This is a wonderful resource book to have on hand as it explains all those tricky terms in ascension work.

Diana is work is high frequency and you MUST be ready to read them or you simply cannot hold them.

All the high frequency terminology is described, inclusive of the 12 chakra systems, guides and higher beings that are not spoken about.

Ascension is the path as we move towards the New Golden Age starting in 2032.

The Keys to the Universe BOOK.jpg

The Keys to the Universe

If you feel the calling to help the planet heal, this is a fabulous book as it contains a CD. The keys to the universe has unique sounds to each location including some sacred sites in the world and each sound, there are 42 that make up two major keys.

Hollow Earth covers all the earthy areas , Kingdoms and portals.

Sirius deals with all the cosmos in the universe and beyond.

This book has wonderful tips to healing the planet that can be done from your own home.

All the keys in the Universe are explained in detail and has a tip to help that area.

An ideal book to have on the ‘keep me’ shelve to refer back to when times are needed to refresh the brain.

Magical a must have.

Discover Atlantis BOOK.jpg

Discover Atlantis - A Guide to Reclaiming the Wisdom of the Ancients


The Sacred Pipe BOOK.jpg

The Sacred Pipe

The sacred pipe is the history behind the pipe that was in the dedicated care of Black Elk. Joseph learns that Black Elk had been waiting for his arrival.

As the history goes the sacred pipe was gifted to the Native’s by White Buffalo woman.

Dance of the Four Winds.jpg

Dance of the Four Winds - Secrets of the Inca Medicine Wheel

Here Alberto journeys of the South and the West of the medicine wheel. The death of the old self. The Quechua Masters of Peru use the jungle plant ayahuasca and Alberto shares his journey through his journal extracts.

A wonderful read in the early life of Alberto and a passion for a Shamanisim life and Medicine Wheel training.

Island of the Sun BOOK.jpg

Island of the sun

This follows the story of Alberto into the East of the medicine wheel. The journey home through his journal.

Alberto learns the secret of what only the shamans of the east have done for centuries. They understood their time of death and where they went at the time of the invasion of the Spaniards.

Alberto’s mission to Peru began in 1973 and continued off over the coming years. This covers the late 1980’s.

It’s also filled with wisdom for the ones who wish to pursue the medicine wheel.

Illumination The Shaman Way of Healing BOOK.jpg

Illumination - The Shaman’s Way of Healing

Tips and tricks into the world of Shamanism through initiations. Which come in forms of life changing events, death of a family, relationship breakdown or trauma.

Alberto’s knowledge is shared in this book to help you let go of your past so you can lead the illumination lifestyle.

Learning to take back your own power helps release all stories that have been past on from families, old beliefs and past lives, gives the person much more freedom.

Wonderful read if you are a lover of Alberto’s work.

One Spirit Medicine BOOK.jpg

One Spirit Medicine - Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness

One Spirit Medicine explains the healing of the brain-gut connection for a longer life.

The Shaman’s knew how to ‘turn-off’ the death clock and re grow a new luminous body. In this book you learn about superfoods that help you bring your spirit back to full health.

This book is a must for those in nutrition with a Shamanic outlook in life. Herbs, foods and vitamins all explained in a book that is what I call a reference book as you make refer back to it occasionally.

Brilliant read from Alberto more recent books.

The Four Insights BOOK.jpg

The Four Insights - Wisdom, Power and Grace of the Earthkeepers

Discover the secrets of the Earthkeepers and learn about the four directions of the medicine wheel.

The four insights covers all topics like fears, attachments, judgments and learn to be your own master sage.

The four insights is a resourceful book to read if you are passionate about the medicine wheel or shamanic practices.

When we are free of all these things, we are more centred and life is more rewarding.

The Earthkeepers of South America have been holding the teachings for many years and have taught Alberto so he can teach the Western world.

Mending the Past BOOK.jpg

Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval

Alberto guides you on soul retrieval journey’s which are part of the West Medicine wheel training.

In order to heal the future, some of us in fact have parts of our soul fragments missing.

Like the time I read this book then flew to Byron and discovered I had taken on a vow in this life times. Fortunately for me I had read this book before as a Shamanic extraction needed to take place. Also the same weekend we were guided on a soul retrieval and I was so lucky I had received this copy from a friend.

Soul retrieval is an excellent book to have if you are interested in Medicine Wheel training or advance shamanic practises.

Burial Rites BOOK.jpg

Burial Rites

Burial Rites is a must read for all literary lovers. From the moment my friend told me how the author of this book had something ‘come and take over her as she wrote,’ was the moment I knew I had to find this book.

AND interesting enough I felt the woman of this story with me in the shop and stayed with me for the duration of the story till near the end.

This book captures the authors attention while she was on and exchange and was told about the last woman hung in Iceland.

The remarkable journey that needed to be told with little facts to go by, although the story is expressed through the writer.

Simple incredible.

The Celestine Prophecy BOOK.jpg

The Celestine Prophecy - An Adventure

The Celestine Prophecy is the first book in a series of books that follow the story of a man who learns what energy is about. Initially, I believe these books to be REAL until I was told they where fiction.

These books a fabulous read for beginners who are not so sure on this new age thing.

Around the time of the release of the Twelfth Insight I contacted the author, James Redfield and shared my experience.

Certainly a great read for the newbies in to New Age genre.

The Reconnection BOOK.jpg

The Reconnection - Heal Others, Heal yourself

The day I saw this book, it was in somebody else’s hand! I hung around until they put it back on the books shelf and just knew I had to have it.

It was the first book I read about healing and captivated me immensely. And many years later a healer friend, took up Reconnective healing and I began to experience it. Magical.

This book follows the jounery of a chiropractic clinic who changed his career after a man who crawl up three flights of stairs and emerged to walk out! What ever happen in the clinic that day, simply changed Eri Pearls career.


The Five People You Meet in Heaven BOOKS.jpg

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

This memorable book is a story that follows a ma who has crossed over and meets FIVE people in heaven that had an impact on his life without him realising it.

Have you ever wondered what might happen to that person who you crashed into in the shopping mall? Or perhaps the near miss in your car?

We often don’t realise how some people have changed the course of our lives in a big way.

Read this book and find our why.

Coming Home to Lemuria BOOK.jpg

Coming Home to Lemuria

Love Never Dies BOOK.jpg

Love Never Dies

A remarkable love story of how a woman fell in love with and older man. His wish was that he would never leave her, even after death.

Helps her learn about whats going on inside her body so. she can heal.

After following her dreams and heart, her wishes were beyond this world.

An inspirational read.

Someone Else's War BOOK.jpg

Someone Else’s War

This novel based on Phil’s real life grandmother published this book when I was in my early days of Reiki as Phil and I shared the same Reiki master.

A novel set during world war 2 as the Greeks fought the Germans.

A brilliant read that pulled mu heart strings as tears streamed down my cheeks as I thought it was real….only to discover lately from the author, that it was fiction.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz BOOK.jpg

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Follows the story of the man who became the ‘Tätowierer’ in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Lale was a Jew, and he stood out from the rest and was approached to help with the tattooing of the daily droves of Jews into the camp.

Then one day a woman captured his heart, and due to his special role, he had access to areas that where strictly forbidden to the Jewish.

Lale and Gita, survive the war and it wasn’t until after Gita’s death that Lale was able to share his love story.

A beautiful read.