The renting game really sucks BLOG.jpg

Seriously, I grew up never really understanding how the renting thing happened until I moved to Melbourne in late 2005.

The renting game REALLY sucks, as I’ve been experiencing since my two awesome housemates all vacated a property with unexpected circumstances. 

You know those times you contact only to receive a message saying, ‘Sorry, the room was offered today’ or ‘We have someone lined up’ or even worst when they don’t respond at all!

Gosh, where has the respect or manners gone to even think that their advertisement for a room is in fact messing with somebodies life out there. 

Then finally the place or person you really want to live at sends that dreadful text, ‘Sorry we offered it to a friend.’ Then there are those that just remove the ad without saying a thing! 


Doesn’t that pull some heart strings and sends your energy into a tether as it did to me one day. Then moments later I was shoved me out the door to walk the dog! Viola! The mixed bag of energy had disappeared by the time I returned. 

Good dog.

You see the more high frequency you are or the more light your body is carrying really does affect the vibration of others. 

Simply put that, it’s best to live on your own, but if you can’t, you have to keep going until that special person sees the magic in you. OR our spirit guides are being SUPER fussy with something in line for us that we can’t not ever imagine!


I really do feel this only gets harder, until more are at this high level. Meaning the worlds population needs raise their frequency to make it easier for the gifted ones to find peaceful homes easily.

The renting game has become a business charging for rooms and it’s got to stop.

Because….I don’t like it.

It’s not authentic.

Therefore when more people become authentic, peace will radiate from the homes, only because your home life is indeed a representation of you. 





Post written circa: 30th May, 2018