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Have your ever wondered why there are times when you contact a person for something and don’t hear back? Or you text a friend to catch up only to find out that they didn’t respond till after the event. Perhaps you go away for a few days on a retreat and don’t hear a word from anyone?

A point to remember is that sometimes it’s your guides, you know the ones that you can't see. 

Meaning, that many times we don’t realise our spirit guides can block or have affect on who contacts us. They know who needs our attention and only allow them.

Same as when you are looking for a house or property to buy, some people will not respond. No matter how much you may love a place. It’s our guides as they know what we need for growth or change that is coming.

While looking for a new home, (I got offered a place two days after this post was originally written!) When no replies came,  I simply had to remind myself that it maybe my guides who are stopping these interactions from happening. 

Hence, I’m a high frequency child, my vibration is not going to gel with all the ones I contact. You may be searching for the best deal for your bank account. But our guides have other ideas. 

In hindsight, our next move may put us on the career path we have yearned for, perhaps to meet that dream partner, even shake out old habits of living on the same side of town all our lives. Like Melbourne is divided by the river and it’s the north verses the south. Oh hum… I was one of those as I refused to move over the river for numerous years!

Next time, when you set out to do something, just remember that it’s not always the other person that’s not getting back to you. 

We are on this path for a reason

And they will be revealed when we are ready

How ever long it takes

Our guides know best

That’s why we need to trust 

Whatever is delivered to us in every possible way.





Post written 5thJune, 2018 (Edited 19/20 July)