Do You Eat Meat?

 Roast from 2015 PrOBLOGGER Conference, Gold Coast, QLD, AUS 

Roast from 2015 PrOBLOGGER Conference, Gold Coast, QLD, AUS 

Have you ever thought that eating meat can affect your energy, or as in the ascension path, it can lower your light?

So, the question is ‘Do you eat meat?’

As we transition towards the new golden age, beginning in the year 2032, our diets will change.

Those once heavy meals of steaks, pasta, roasts, pastries will become too much for our light bodies in the 5D to digest. Simple plant based foods, smoothies and light eating will be what’s required. 

As the world is waking up, you may already find certain foods falling away from your daily intake. Like many already on the path of eating less, exercising more, tuning in what the body/mind needs or wants in that moment in time. 

If you love your meat as much as I did, you might think I’m crazy!!

It’s true, I used to love my meat and now I can’t take much or even have cravings for certain types of meat. Since I was vegetarian for two and half years, I can’t not stomach beef or pork and don’t plan to eat it either.  As my plan is to eat what my body craves until I totally eliminate all animal products for good.

Choosing organic over traditional way is on it's way, as more people choosing local farmers markets or community markets around the city of Melbourne. Most may even go back to the old honesty way of putting their home ground produce for sale at the front gate, like you find in northern NSW and Qld. 

So, the more light our bodies hold, the less dense foods our body will be able to function, eventually we will feel lighter, happier and overall more energy towards or daily lives  and accomplish those goals that we have been procrastinating for years. 

This is a world matter and by doing something today will bring those rewards tenfolds. 

Slowly in time, you will eat less meat or just won’t be able to stomach it. 

Wherever you are at, that is where you need to be.

Just listen to your body.







Post written 15th March 2018