Dr. Wayne W. Dyer staring in the movie - The Shift

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer staring in the movie - The Shift

It’s with great sadness to hear the passing of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer on 30th August 2015.


To be honest I cannot recall how I discovered him.

But, what I do remember is a coming home from a psychic reading in July 2013 and sat in the car for a while going ‘what is the shift?’ in my head.

Then later that night I found the movie starring the man himself as Dr. Wayne W.  Dyer.

‘The Shift’

That changed everything...

I sat at the computer and started watching the movie.  

Then something strange happened between the computer screen and me.

There was this invisible form of swirling energy, then disappeared.

Was that the shift?

Then Wayne described the wind at his father's grave.

Then it dawned on me. 

The wind?

That wind that occurred one night while I was sleep.

That wind 'sucked' the life out of me!

AND changed my life...

From that moment of the movie onward, I dived into Wayne’s teachings in the form of  audio books, only because I struggled to read the books.


Because his voice healed me.

Then amazing events began unfolding around me including signing up for the Hay House I can Do It and Writer's Workshop which Wayne was scheduled as a speaker the following month in August 2013.

 In the moments before he emerged I felt him, and it was powerful and sense that was indescribable when you meet a spiritual leader like Wayne.

Although, he was not well due to neck injuries from writing his book “I Can See Clearly Now,” by hand.  He was injected with four needles before he flew to Melbourne.

The jammed packed crowd knew he was in incredible pain, but I began sensing ‘other’ pain. Deep hurting pain that he was not over his break up.  What ever it was. It ran deep.

That day they played his favourite song - Amazing Grace. Then the music filled the room of the voice of Cecilia. Which made all the hairs on stand on their ends!

Then sadly for first time in his life when he had to walk off the stage, never to return for the remaining of the weekend.

The most meaningful quote I heard from Wayne was  –

“Be the ocean, all rivers flow to you.” – Meaning stop 'chasing' because when you are the ocean, everything will come to you.

Although I can not locate the exact quote, I now understand, it’s true.

It was a dream to share this story with Wayne.

Even if I didn't get the chance to say in person.

Now he knows.