Some time ago, I caught the train to city for a job interview and found myself being unsure of where I was meant to go. Firstly, my Boss told where one NAB building was my phone maps showed another.

I was now confused!

After my train arrived at Southern Cross Station I jumped off the train and spotted two policemen and made my way and approached them. Then I asked them for further information to where exactly 500 Bourke Street was. Then I walked off to complete an errand.

It was in that moment, that I realised, people really are our messengers and we need to listen.

Then on the way back from the errand I marveled at how the city had changed since the time when I was living a couple of blocks away and this was my former running ground.

Not now.

It has all changed. 

Then my eyes beamed at the sight of seeing a NAB in the distance only discover there was another one only fifty metres away. Within seconds my eyes traced middled aged man in a grey suit coming towards me. I put my hand up for him to stop and pointed to the nearby NAB building.

‘Is that 500 Bourke Street?’

‘No, that’s 700’ he said. He pointed towards the direction to where I had just come from. ‘You have to go that way and catch a tram. It will take you fifteen minutes to walk from here.’ Damn I thought I only had fifteen minutes to get there.

I turned and ran across the Southern Cross Station over pass, down the steps and across the road towards the tram stop. Then the moment I reached the people, I spotted a blonde lady with a NAB name-tag collar. 

I asked her, ‘How many stops to 500 Bourke St?’

‘Only a couple.’ We boarded the tram.  ‘I’ll take you there, but I’m not going there. I’ll tell you when to get off.’

Within minutes, I jumped of the tram saying, ‘thanks,’ and ran across the road.  After I spotted the NAB building only to recall walking past it may times when I lived in the city, so I entered and signed in.

 The receptionist gave me instructions to the lifts, then I found myself find myself in a frazzle just inside the gates. I approached a young dark haired girl and asked ‘Where do I have to go?’ she pointed and I darted off and around the corner and raced in towards two ladies who grinned at me. It wasn’t until I turned around to press the button only to discover there was none!

‘Hell, where’s the button’s’ rattled in my head.

I spun back around and looked at the blonde lady indicating where the buttons where.

            ‘On the outside of the lift,’ she said. ‘You have to select your floor ‘outside the lift.’

A few floors later I followed them out and pressed number 34. The ladies who were heading away from the lift turned pointed and said ‘that one,’ and walked off.

So, there is an important message others can give us when we are on our journey through life.

Next time, when you think that everything is working against you, be open to new options and they will arrive. Just like when the man told me about how long it would take to get to 500 Bourke Street, even though I would have preferred a nice walk. I may have been very late to my interview if I had not asked this man.

That’s why when you have to be more open for things to fall into place. Because when you enter the healing world, things begin to take place at a much higher level, and you have no control. There are times when I feel like it’s not me. Someone else is moving me along and placing me directly on the paths to those that will guide me. May you too, whether are aware of it right now or not.

One day you will and it won’t feel like hard work.

Everything comes to you at the right divine time.


Post written circa 10th August 2015, 18th October 2015