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Before nightfall on the Facebook writing fan page I uploaded an image of a cushion containing the words ‘Magic Happens.'

It wasn't until a few hours later that the REAL magic happened.

During this time the sadness of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer passing was still flooding the Internet.


In the early hours of September 3, 2015 a man appeared in my dream. He had a clean shaved head and stood facing me moving a large towel all over his body with his privates blanked out. I got the impression he had just come from the shower, the surroundings was not sexual.


He turned and walked and towards an open doorway.

I followed.

He entered.

I stopped.

Next, he stood and faced me, while he continued to move his towel around his body. Then a peaceful sensation washed over me with a knowing that he was about to deliver an important message.

AND telepathically said these words:

‘Manifest. Buy the best stuff.’

Instantly I ‘knew’ what he meant where no time stood.

All the food cravings vanished. [So, I thought]

Yet, I felt the impulse to jump up out of bed and text my friends.

Magic Happens even when you are asleep.

My diet issues were cleansed from my body at that time.

However, in that same moment a heavy weight lifted off my chest and I began to feel lighter, initially it started from the first and only time I ever saw Wayne...

Back in August 2013, in Melbourne Wayne arrived in Melbourne with persisting neck pain from the onset of five months hand writing his newest book 'I See Clearly Now'.

Shortly after he came out on stage I began sensing deep emotions, like pain of grief. Although he was in excruciating pain for his neck injury, his planned speech was cut short unexpectedly, he he still managed to cover the all important life events including his marriage break up.

But, somehow I had a knowing that his pain was strongly connected to a past relationship.

Had Wayne come and claimed back his pain?

Next morning, I woke up smiling with a freed heart which sadly only lasted a few days with Wayne’s passing no longer affecting me.

But the ‘change’ in Wayne’s words stayed with me.

The message was:

Manifesting means buy the best stuff one can afford. Things like good food, high-energy clothes, personal belongings or anything that brings you happiness.

Everything I did from that moment on had changed. What ever I touched or admired, I knew it had to be part of that manifesting message which involved my writing or healing business or it was simply not valid.

Post written circa 20thSeptember, 2015, 24thDecember, 2015