Strangely enough, whenever the temperatures rise in Melbourne the local beaches become a busy place. In fact, I don’t go near the beach when everyone else is, even when the house gets unbearable.

Because....I swim against the crowd.

Meaning that when everyone is not at the beach, that is when it’s time to go.

Why? You may ask?

Four months into my reiki journey someone recommended me to go to the beach, eventhough it was the middle of winter then. Just put on a coat and walk in the water up to your knees, at first I didn't agree. Then I decided to give it a go and since then I have discovered some interesting facts about the ocean.

Here’s why...

When the temperatures are high, the beach is the place to be. So you think.

I bet you no one is thinking about the wind.


What has that got to do with going to the beach?


I’m serious.

Because on those damn hot days, the days when all you can think of is being in the ocean is when it’s actually the coldest.

Once you step in the water you literally… FREEZE.

Maybe no one has ever told you to take note of the wind, although I grew up in the country and lived an hour from the beach and no matter what the mercury reading said you could never get into the water because it was the water just too damn cold.

Especially me.

And even if you didn’t want to swim you battled winds that were so strong you practically refused to get out of the car!

So some time during my healing I began hitting the water when I felt a calling, mostly when no one else was around.

Was I crazy?


Would you believe me if I told you, that when the wind changes from the north around to the south after a hot spell that the water is actually warmer.

Yes, and some days it’s choppy.

Therefore don’t wait for those hot days. Trust your gut and you will know when to take a swim even if the crowd is far from your sight. This is all part of your healing journey and will reward you down the track.

Because the ocean air and water is so cleansing and great for your healing process. In the end it pays to swim against the crowd.

Post written circa 1st February 2016