It was interesting in November 2015 as I took the book Big Magic to my latest job interview, without reading one single page and guess what? I nearly pulled it out of my bag and waved it around to show them what really can happen.

Yes, it’s true.

Big Magic really happens.

Surprising, ever since Wayne Dyer showed up in my dream the word magic seems to pop up everywhere and this is no exception.

I got that job.

For me there were only two ‘aha’ moments in the book as most of the other things I read were things I was already aware of or just added to what I needed to know in a little more depth. Like when we are ‘creatively’ stuck we turn to food and drinks instead.

I believe this very me.

I dread the thought of having to ‘write’ something down, just because it’s in the ‘stars’ of my future of being that creative writer I am meant to be.

The first ‘aha’ moment occurred in the part about not writing to ‘help or heal’ others. In fact write to heal your self. This hit me as I thought of my three books coming in the future. I now saw things differently that I must change the way I write my books for me. Just like Elizabeth ‘accidentally’ wrote the Eat Pray Love for herself.

Second interesting I ‘got’ was writing as in terms of energy, meaning the trickster instead of the martyr. Immediately I began thinking of people I knew, not what about my writing then as Elizabeth wrote on and explained I realized I fell under the painful side of being about to talk about my topics but wrestled at getting down on paper.

The longer I thought about it as she says about a favourite childhood cartoon character – Bugs Bunny as the trickster, ideas began to flow into my head at how I would change my style of writing or tackle my blog posts.

Thinking of Bugs was a fantastic way of getting into that fun light mood to write from. So the more healing work I progress through on myself the more ‘lighter’ my words and work will become.

Different things that can be done or be spurred on from reading this book like finding a colouring book, cooking or even gardening. All it means is to find that thing to make your hands active so it can calm your mind to allow the inspiration to visit you in your calmest moment.

Let it be.

And it will find it’s way to you.

~Maryt energy is dark, solem, macho, hierarchical, fundamentalist, austere, unforgiving, and profoundly ridid.

~Trickster energy is light, sly, transgender, transgressive, animist, seditious, primal, and endless shape-lifting.