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It all started back in the middle of 2o07 when I collected a few women's magazines from the tea rooms.

While on my lunch break, I flicked through one of the magazines and stopped on a page covering an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Instantly I was intrigued. Oprah was praising a new book on the market called "The Secret".

Then as I began reading this article and thought of my Latin friend as she had a special birthday in a few days and she was a big fan of Oprah.

An idea had sparked.

Later that afternoon, I headed to the bookstore and grabbed my friend a copy and while holding her book flicking through the pages I felt a pulling sensation throughout my body indicating for me to purchase a second copy for myself.

So, I did.

Although my book sat on the bedside table for some time,  I gifted Ms Latin her book before she headed interstate for a job interview. I knew it was what she needed at that time in her life.

So, I let it be...

She got the job.

Then some months had past before I finally picked up my copy.

The journey had just begun.


The words began reeling fast towards me in ways that I could not have imagined. Covering topics like making space in my wardrobe for a partner, which I knew was impossible in my current room as I only had a ‘half’ a wardrobe.

Another fact was to create a clear side of the bed if you wish to bring in a future partner and again I knew this was impossible as I was still coming home and dumping my bags, shopping, books or what ever I was doing at the time landed straight on my bed the moment I got home. This was something that I need to work on to make that change. Even years later the habit had not perished. [Even while writing this post!}

Then for a number of years I kept this book close to me and believed it immensely in the how the secret had paved the way for my healing journey to eventually to take place. In time once my Reiki sorted outed my wants and needs, the book was then removed from my life.

Although, I gained much knowledge, I still practice one of the techniques today.



Most only when I’m at my own home and not when I visit my family interstate. Not sure why.

It just does.

The secret tip I use daily is when I get to the front door I say in my head these actual words for the day:

  • I will have a fantastic day.

  • Great healing, reading and writing.

  • Everybody will work as a team.

  • I request green lights all the way to and from work.

  • Miracles and Magic will follow me everywhere.

They may sound simple but they work.

Trust and believe.

Because it will happen.

Post written circa 1st November 2015