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How many of you out there dislike the thought of going into that spare room of junk? Or finding yourself cleaning up minutes before your guest arrives? Many, I guess. When in actual fact people fear decluttering so they keep their lives busy to avoid it.

So, what is decluttering? It is a process where you remove unnecessary items stored in your home, garage, back shed or office. Unknowingly, these items were actually saved because you either want to remember the past or hold onto for the future.

The process of clearing often creates headaches, body shakes, anxiety attacks and tension in the stomach. The biggest I’ve found is food addictions.  Our eating habits can be reflecting the guilt we hold by keeping these items in our home or surroundings and we to often forget our ‘stuff’ maybe affecting others living under the same roof.

The things we cling to from our past serve no purpose to who are today. These items include clothes we will not wear again, books we’ve bought and never read, old school books, school reports, or even your first Girl Guide badge. Then there are those things that we keep for future situations like baby clothes, toys, and children’s books to share with your ‘future’ partner, children or even grandchildren.

The four stages of decluttering are:

1.     Emotional (body)

2.     Mental (mind – thought patterns)

3.     Physical (surroundings like house, work and garden environments)

4.      Spiritual (healing, psychic abilities and beliefs)

When it comes to decluttering it really depends on where you are at in your life. When you are ready to release these items, it will happen in the best possible way. You may be happy to donate your clothes to a charity, have your personal papers shredded and sensitive love letters and photo’s burnt.

Not sure why?

I found this process worked best for me.

It gave me closure.

I have seen it.