Sound Manifesting with Wayne Dyer

On 1st of July, while deciding what to do with my Friday night a vision of chanting presented itself to me. As each week changes with me, it had been some time since the last bout of chanting.

Shortly after the visions I began hearing Wayne’s words ‘What I would like you to today is…’ in my head. Which is part of his podcast used for manifesting.

The Sound Meditation for Manifesting by Hay House is very powerful and can be used anytime. Sound manifesting with Wayne Dyer journey was about to begin.

Due to my upcoming trip to Byron I’m working on abundance. Although this may sound like a holiday to you, there will be some shamanic work involved while I’m up there too.

Even though I have lots of abundance in time and the right people helping me. It’s financial abundance that I want to see a change so I can help others.

The things I love about this chant:

·      YOU get to choose what you want to manifest in your life right now.

·      You feel happier and more focused on your goals

·      Your visions become clearer

·      ‘Aha’ moments can happen

·      It’s easy and free

·      You are present

·      Self care

When working with sound, it is a powerful tool to healing and manifesting your physical and emotional needs. Sound is a vibration and while you are using your voice for the ‘Arhh’ meditation, many things can happen.

I’ve found afterwards that my third eye energy is pouring out if my forehead and other times while belting out the ‘Arhh’ sound there has been a funnel like motion come out of my mouth and pulse outwards. It’s something that needs to be experience and not just said.

I trust these podcasts and chanting sessions will get me where I need to be.

Remember I’m hearing impaired and sound plays a strong part in my healing, even if I cannot hear some of Wayne’s words. I know they are healing me on a deeper level.

When you are in the flow of manifesting you may think that getting a pay rise is the answer, eating less, stop the coffee intake, when something like this podcast could all it takes to bring in that change.

My heart and soul knows that Wayne’s voice is healing. Many things have happened since he appeared in my dream shortly after he passed and gave me the message about manifesting.

I know he is helping me.

Which is great because I can then help you.

If you feel the push to go beyond your usual daily routine then seek out the meditation available on itunes.

Learning to receive to one self is the key to Manifesting.



Magic Happens.

 Podcast by Wayne Dyer

Podcast by Wayne Dyer