Tree Healing – Wisdom is your motto

 Emma-Jane at the tree - Wisdom is your motto

Emma-Jane at the tree - Wisdom is your motto

Today, as part of my shamanic teaching with the Turtle Woman, we were taken to a tree as part of the class, which can be achieved when you take her classes. It's healing, and it also gives us the opportunity to write down anything that comes up.

Mostly my messages were about my writing and where I’m living is perfect location as the fairies are waiting for me and dancing around me each time I write. How magic is that to hear from a tree!

Tree Healing – Wisdom is your motto.

Some wisdom that I received as follows:

Tune IN

Tune Out

Let your mind be free.

You are one of us, see it, know it, feel it.

Seeing is believing. It’s never too late to connect with nature.

Stay focused.

Trust and know we are bringing you the messages.

Fade away in – to the sunset each night and write from the heart.

We are wanting you to share the knowledge of the inner Earth, Fairies surrounding you each time you write in your home.


Sit each day and write. The fairies are dancing and waiting for you to begin and make a real impression on others lives.

Soul love
Soul connects
One what we need right now.
Soul knows
Soul path is for one and all.
There is no yours or us.
Them or me.

Your photos are healing, that’s why we want you to keep taking them.


Empaths are sacred beings


~Wisdom is your motto~