Meeting Elizabeth Peru

 With Elizabeth Peru at the Mind Body and Spirit festival - 12th June 2016

With Elizabeth Peru at the Mind Body and Spirit festival - 12th June 2016

Within minutes of walking away from my Shaman Mentor there was a tall woman who caught my eye.

A strong force stopped me.

Her slim build with brown hair sat peacefully on her shoulders while she was taking a call. We made eye contact. Now I was looking a woman that I had only seen on line. I remained far enough away so that I could approach her when she was free.

Before long Elizabeth and I were exchanging greetings and began chatting about what resonated me in her work.

While this was taking place I could feel that Elizabeth is a gentle soul who takes the time to listen and connect with her followers. Especially her Tip Off readers (which I’m not one of those)

Never mind.

It’s the principle of making the effort to thank your leaders for their work.

Strong messages came while talking to Elizabeth and made me see things I never thought of.


From the moment I saw that Elizabeth was going be presenting a talk at the Mind Body and Spirit Festival in Melbourne, I felt a strong magnetic pull to attend. But until I saw that she was only presenting on Saturday and Sunday caused inner conflict to which day I would I go. But as time drew near I new I would go on Sunday.

After my shamanic healing with my Shaman Raghida, I had a quick bite and then made my way to the talk with a friend who I met at the event.

Before long I was sitting with another friend ready for the talk. My heart glowed as now I was in the room with Elizabeth and gave her a friendly wave and I knew that I wanted a photo with her before I left. And that is just what she wanted.

Many aha moments during the talk and then we had a live guided meditation that sent my mind somewhere very quickly. I saw a large sphere rolling with people falling off and then next I was looking down in the sea and saw two horses.

After the meditation I shared it with my friend and she said, ‘sounds like the Atlantis time.’

These need to be felt.

Not necessarily heard.

Once the talk was over, I farewell my friends and then jumped on the line for a photo and surprisingly enough, not only did I manage to get a photo with Elizabeth I also got to take a photo with her phone with one of her subscribers.

The connection on Sunday was more telepathic, my mind went blank and words didn’t flow. Elizabeth looked at me in a way that she knew something that I may not be ready to ‘see’ right now.

I wonder what it is?

Trust that everything is happening for the highest good.

What ever happens to both as us from this meeting or cross paths again?

Universe acts in strange ways.

Doesn’t it?