I heard the words ‘healing is done’ the moment Boy George walked off the stage and I said ‘Bye George.’

How could this be?


From the moment Boy George entered the stage the crowd was captured by his energy. He’s vibrant ways wearing a beautiful a two-shaded suit of light and dark pink, topped with a soft style hat.

He looked awesome.

Being nine rows from the front, I could see him clearly and feel his wonderful presence that he was right here in Melbourne and the closest I would be.

For now.

When we are young we form love relationships with a star and love them for many years.

Boy George was one of them.

Ever since I was a child, I had and inscribable love for Boy George that I could never understand, until now.

In recent times he had changed his appearance and my sister said, ‘he won’t have the hair or make-up.’ But in truth I actually love the way he looks now. Something about the beard and no lipstick seems to make him more …I guess sexy.

No matter of his sexuality, it never changed the way I felt about him.

Although Kids in the Kitchen and Danni Minogue where on earlier to put fire in our bellies, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace when Boy George entered the stage. At the time I didn’t get it. But then halfway through the concert a strange feeling came over me and I couldn’t shrug it.

And cannot be shared.

Only when time permits.

While leading up to the concert, my body experienced an inner tingling sensations whenever I listened to Boy George’s voice. But at the concert I felt nothing, what was happening I thought? Was there something happening on a bigger scale while I was there? Was Boy George’s healing voice washing over me?

One thing for sure, I knew I was meant to be there for is Melbourne concert.

As the music washed over us, I let my body move to the beats with the sounds of the amazing band. How magical was it to be able to have that ability to hear the beats and that knowing of when to sing or play those instruments in sync, where just some of the thoughts that came to me in words and feelings during this magical experience.

Then when it was time for Boy George to leave, a sensation suddenly shifted in me and tears began to well up and fall onto my cheeks.

I watched him leave.


Just meters from disappearing all together I heard the words, ‘Healing is done.’

Followed by me saying, ‘bye George.’


Mikey Craig thanked everyone after Boy George and made an announcement that they will be back.

My body was silent.

No tingles.


I knew this was not the case.

Healing has been done.

For me. For the fans. For Melbourne. For the world.

I just know it.

Post written circa 25th June, 2016