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Often in life we push aside our dreams for the fear of not being good enough or continue the thinking pattern from childhood.

Believing we have tried our best.

Don’t be haunted by failure.

But everything changed in one movie, ‘The Haunted Mansion.’ It’s about a real estate man named Jim, who is addicted to work.  Even if the film is make believe. Our life lessons can come to us that way too.

Eddie Murphy, who plays main character Jim, discovers all of his weaknesses in one night at a Haunted Mansion that is for sale. His obsession for work over family was about to change forever that night.


Since failure is a lack of trust, it can be destroyed in many ways.

Jim is skeptic while his daughter wasn’t, so in order to solve a mystery that involved his family, he needed to learn to trust the ‘crystal ball’ woman Madame Leota in order to receive clues to solve a puzzle.

Here is a scene that resonated me most. 

Madame Leota: “It’s never too late.”`

Jim Evers: “I tried getting in there, and I can’t alright.

Jim Evers: “I tried. I failed.”

Madame Leota: “You try. You fail. You try. You fail,”

Madame Leota: “But the only true failure is not stop trying.”

When you learn to trust, life will show you the way...

Post written circa 3rd November, 2015