In Mid 2009 long before my healing journey had begun, I sought out a solo adventurous holiday in the far north of Queensland, Australia. It was around that time I read an article in women’s health magazine on Jungle Surfing. It seemed like fun.

Then a few months later I flew into Cairns and boarded a hot mini bus to Port Douglas for a week. Due to a recent dust storm a thick band of hazy mist was settled out at sea from the excess dust blown along the coastline from New South Wales to the far north Queensland. Upon arrival I picked up my hire car and set off north up to Cape Tribulation in the Daintree National Park.

My car was ferried across the wide Daintree River then I drove off into the dense rainforest and meandered my way up to Cape Tribulation pick up point for afternoon of adventure in the forest. The higher my car climbed, the more peaceful I felt. While I peered through the trees at the open aired timber framed hideaways. I was in awe seeing the high energy radiate from the stillness that surrounded them. All I could think about what would it be like to sleep in one of those.

It was just after lunch when a group of us were picked up and taken up into the jungle to a secret location. Then on the way up my stomach churned and my hands went clammy as I gazed up at the trees passing by to the secret location. And it wasn’t long before we were greeted with friendly smiles. Next I was given a helmet named Xena and fitted in a safety harness before we were on our way single file along the track and boardwalk to the first platform.

After demonstration the group were ready in pairs – Expect for me. I had to go last! I watched as each person began hanging in mid air until they reached the next platform and then they progress on to the next one and so on. By the time I set off on my first free flying experience my heart was sitting in my throat. I couldn’t scream, but it felt exhilarating at the same time.

Since arriving in North Queensland for my birthday I battled with the humidity and began Jungle Surfing by walking, crawling or falling off the various platforms with only my camera strapped to my harness. The crew took great care in our safety from each platform. The views were remarkable even though the jungle was in desperate need of water. While hanging from the harness the experience allow me to let go of fear and live in the moment.

After a few attempts I went hands free for a snapshot and some declines were long and others were short. We used our feet to bounce off the nearby tree as we bounced along and echoed a few words in one of the valleys.

There comes a time in our life when we feel we need to live in the moment and have fun.

This was one of those occasions and I would do it all again!