Harsh words BLOG.jpg

Are often blamed for things you never did?

Even you try to explain to yourself, no one listens?


Harsh words can do substantial damage without much thought.

Most often the person say so has no feelings or cares about you at all because they are focused on putting you down.

No matter what you say.

Let me say the secret is to stick to the truth even if no one believes you.

One day they will or the guilt will eat them.

One time in my life I found my self in a situation where I told my Boss that we needed X without giving much thought. Before long I was being drowned with harsh words of why I hadn’t told him earlier. No matter how hard I tried to say that the actual item wasn’t there and hadn’t been. (He had forgotten to put X out).

The more he didn’t listen to me the more frustrated I got.

Eventually, I got an apology.

But it was too….LATE.

The damage was done.

Because harsh words leave a scar, only you can heal. So, next time you are dealing with someone or a group of people who are saying harsh words towards you. Stand your ground and know that you are speaking the TRUTH no matter what anyone else is saying to you. Since you are the one keeping the faith of your words, the others who aren’t will later be filled with guilt. Which in turn leads to issues later.

Maybe you were born sensitive to words like me or have grown that way in your adult life? I had never heard of being sensitive to words until a medium told me that I was one of them.

Especially spoken.

Learning to stand still can play a vital key to situations like this or remove your self from the situation. Harsh words don’t do any justice to anyone. It actually brings more unpleasant experiences to that person or persons.

Like this situation-the best option was for me was to leave.

Just remember that harsh words hurt others.

Make sure that are not yours.

Post written circa 31stOctober, 2015