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Recently during a shamanic workshop I heard the teacher say ‘let the tears roll off your cheeks.’ Although, I’ve spent many years crying as healing yourself does, that was the first time I really resonated with that idea.                                                                                      

Let your tears heal the Earth.

Some time after that day I left work feeling overwhelmed at the negativity around me that my eyes welled up as I walked home.

As the water over flowed:

I felt them.

I watched them.

With a knowing I was healing the Earth unconditionally.

How profound?

Previously, in my healing training I had learnt not to ‘comfort’ or touch someone when they began to cry, as it hinders them to pull back and stop.

This happened one day on a Reiki retreat when a lady broke down as we were sitting in a small circle in the lounge room. Many of us were about to reach out when we where stopped by our teacher. Although my internal water works where being turned on, I also felt her pain in my heart.

This was a great lesson. Now when I’m in a room and someone starts to cry understand that they need to let their tears flow and hand them a tissue.

Many of us are on various stages of our journey and one never knows what the other is thinking or going through. Some show emotions in public others in private. But once you get to a certain point you don’t worry about where.


Healing takes place.

When it’s ready.

And cannot wait.

Let your tears heal the Earth.

Up. Up. Up.


The bubble has broken.

Followed by a sigh of relief as you realise that what ever you where holding.

Is set free.

Post written circa 10th July, 2016