Today is the last day of my five month grandmother teachings with Turtle Woman. Even though I’m prepping for my trip to Byron Bay, I feel today is a start and end to a new life.

It’s also my maternal grandmothers birthday.

In my teachings we have been taught about how important to heal ourselves and as we do so we heal our mothers, children then our ancestors.

Believe it or not I see the difference each time I call my own mother. By my own healing work, it helps her too.

Although, my grandmother has been with me since she crossed over. I never realised she has been assisting me with my healing until I saw a medium. In the times when the tears would not stop, that’s when my grandmother would appear and give me comfort. Aren’t Grandmothers good for that?

That’s why taking these classes help you understand the connection of women needs to be built up again. Lot can be learnt from the Turtle Woman as she takes you on the journey with you. She guides you through the practical tips that support your own path.

Commonly known as the Red Road.

The last day of the Grandmother Teachings – Part One:

Consists of teachings from the sacred practises of the Native American yet to be experienced and a day of ceremonies instead of teachings. 

·      Giveaway ceremony

As my fellow classmates and I embark on the journey of the giveaway ceremony later, it’s new to me because...

·      I’ve never given away something I love

While it’s all happening on my Grandmothers birth date, it makes it extra special day to remember and I know have chosen the perfect gift that spirit then decide.

The emotions have been rising inside of me since waking that I can no longer live the life I once had, and it’s not the first time that I’ve felt this. Since working with the Turtle Woman this revelation appealed it’s self to me back in April.

Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone and seek assistance to bring in that change. I encourage you to take part in this sacred work when you are ready.

Because it feels like coming home…

Post written circa 31st July 2016