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NB: Originally posted 9th July 2016 [Repost due to URL error] 

Have you ever thought how the time when someone has said you ‘you’ve changed?’

The truth is when we stand in our power we find we cannot tolerate the way we were living and that causes discomfort for those who don’t like the new you.

Let’s say you had a boyfriend or a friend who wants you to get back together or really do the things you once did.

In your heart you know that your soul has outgrown this situation and it no longer serves you.

They don’t like you leaving them because they are seeking things OUTSIDE of them.

Not within.

People don’t want you to change.

Full stop.

Some time ago I once had a reading done at a pop up market and in this reading I was told, ‘someone in your life doesn’t want you to change. They want you to stay the way you are.’

That had me baffled for a long time and I eventually figured it out and now I’m not afraid of change.

Because the people who don’t want you to change are the ones holding you back.

We all meet and need people in different stages in life, some long term, some short. And down the track we are grateful for the time and the lessons that come from that reunion.

In order to change or do want makes our heart sing, we have to grow and shed our old beliefs, thoughts and many cases the people around us.

I’ve had many people come and go and I still don’t understand how life can be like this at times. But it’s for our own good.

When you take the path of self-healing, part of that comes with being on your own even if it hurts to say good-bye to some friendships.

In the shamanic ways it is called walk the red road. I’ve been on this road for some time and it’s hard to go back the way you once where.

All we can be is ourselves and trust and believe that the right ones will stay by you no matter what happens.


Post written circa 3rd July 2016