NB: Originally posted 23rd August 2015 [Repost due to a URL error]

1.    I was born deaf but my parents didn’t find out until I was four.  Due to a forceps birth, it burst a blood vessel in the back of my neck that either hits the brain or the hearing. The upside is my lip reading skills are phenomenal.

2.    I can sing a verse in Japanese. My mother had a Japanese teacher in primary school who taught her a little song and then she passed on. My mother's high pitch was perfect.

3.    My memory is outstanding. My cousin said I had an ‘Elephant brain' because I remembered things like conversations from long ago. This included all the things like going to school, when I knew how each kid arrived via bus, rode or walked.

4.    I was always psychic and never knew it. When I was first told by a psychic, I didn’t believe her.  I was lead to believe it was because I was deaf. I always had a knack of ‘knowing’ things and now I know why.

5.    I went to school with a former stunt girl. Kylie or Ky Furneaux was in several of my classes in primary school. In the last year of primary (year 7)  I was in her running team for our morning exercise and I went first in corduroy jeans.

6.    My life changed one New Years Eve. From that moment my life changed drastically. Basically, each New Years Day I wake up with a different mind. I’m not kidding! It changes from what I call a ‘writing year’ or ‘healing year.’ Then in 2015 I woke up with a halfway mind, which lead me to believe it became known as a writing and healing year.

7.    I didn’t choose to write it chose me. In 2009 in a psychic reading I was told about writing a book. Seriously, I had no idea how to write, which lead me to sign up for the Professional Writing and Editing Cert IV certificate in 2012.

8.    Met Doreen Virtue twice. I'm extremely fortunate. Doreen is said I’m an extremely sensitive person. Doreen’s podcasts and books helped me understand my healing/psychic gifts.

9.    Hannah Kent got goose bumps when I chatted to her. The author of Burial rites was intrigued at my story of how I knew and felt that the character wanted her story told.

10.  I was a competitive swimmer for two years. During that time part of my training was done in the Trengrove family pool. Two of the youngster later became Jess an Olympic runner and Jack an AFL player.



Post written circa 30th July, 2015