I’m not a sheep, rang the words as I stepped off the train from work today. 

In truth, the whole event started around 6am this morning when my iPhone literally fell off the trolley and smashed the screen. Well, damn that’s the second time now…

 Oh heck, why now? I have to trip interstate next week, a photo shoot to be finalised and now a broken phone. 

The funny part was how the phone just ‘jumped’ off the empty trolley and I didn’t move an inch to stop it!


AND even `I pondered on the different points of view during the day, ‘why haven’t you got a cover?

‘I’ve never had one,’ I said. 

‘Try a buying one out right?’ 

That was my plan all along.’ I responded.

‘Get a new screen from that shop around the corner?’ 

Oh no, I’ll go to the one near Elizabeth Street,’ I said.

Even though this phone is really like a sheep as tends to jump or slip from my hands so very easy, since the day I signed up for it….

By two in the afternoon, I hit the streets and made my way to JB’s and queried about the best options available, although I could not justify being tied down again.

That was the MAIN reason I moved in April last year (2017) to escape all those contracts of bills, Internet and banking institutions by being locked in a plan…It simply doesn’t sit with me right now.

The beauty about this situation is I’m happy on the BYO plan. Which means, just for now, I want something to get me through this patch until next year….


When I realised the phones I could buy where earlier than what I had, that did it! I was out the door and trekked my way to the guy I know who fixes ‘iPhones’ and got there to read the sign saying ‘closed.’ Ho hum…what now? There was no indication that he was gone for a bit or the day – NOTHING. So, I guess I had no choice but to walk back towards work on the other side of town and see that girl?

Then I saw a shop around the corner and he didn’t stock my iPhoneSE model. 

‘What’s going on?’ I thought.

Eventually, I slowly pushed open the door of that tiny shop and asked the girl if she could fix my phone and YES. I was relieved and after we sorted all out she asked me to come back in a half an hour.

‘What? How as I supposed to tell the time if she had my phone.’ I left with a smirk on my face and returned later to pick up my phone, with a protector and new case.

SO, I Guess I have to join the flock.

For now.

Even if it doesn’t agree with me.

Until I reach my goal of buying my next phone.


Perhaps, next year?