You have writers block BLOG.jpg

‘She says you have writer’s block,’ said Turtle Woman.

It was towards the end of the healing session that I heard a cackle.

A funny kinda message was relayed to me after my failed attempt at a past life regression. Even though, Turtle Woman reassured me that there was nothing wrong, it’s just I’m different, which meant we need to find another way to help clear my throat.  

Then the Grandmother had fun by messing with us! 

Here is what she said...

            ‘The grandmother says you have writer’s block,’ Turtle Woman said, with a smirk on her face. While moving her hands in a pulling action as though she was removing small blocks out of her body.

'Writer's block, you’re a writer, said Turtle Woman. 'That's funny.'

So, really did I have writer’s blocks or could these blocks be a symbolism that there’s more work needed in this area to find a way to unravel the reason why I fight mode when going into a regression?

Especially, as it’s to heal my throat (then my writing will flood out) how awesome would that be?

Even though, I totally get that I have or had writers block for life as could now see the actual blocks in my minds eye. Ranging from a 2-5cm squares and the odd rectangle… how magical is that to actually see these writing blocks?

In fact, I've probably suffered from these blocks, what ever they were as my writing came in fits and bouts, depending on where I was living in some cases. 

Hopefully soon they will perish away to nothing but free flowing energy throughout my body.

Although as time has passed in the months following this session, I've seen there are more books then I've ever been told.

All is good.

Time to trust and let them come into full  fruition, how ever these stories are ready to be told. 







Post written circa 14th April 2018 (Actual event date 26th March 2018)