Fairies connect with you in nature.

Fairies connect with you in nature.

Have you ever thought about fairies? AND if they are real? They are real even if you can’t see them with your normal eyes.

But you may see images in your minds eye (inner vision) when you are going about things or sitting alone. 

Recently, while needing a place to live ASAP I got to find that I had fairies in my back yard. I had always wondered why the dog (Charlie the poodle) resisted going in that part of the yard. Now I know.

So ‘do the fairies know you?’

The answer is yes

In fact the fairies note every little thing you do good and bad, but they focus on the good things. 

These include: 

1.    Helping others

2.    Caring for the environment

3.    Looking after animals

4.    Improving our waters with things like crystals or picking up rubbish

5.    Clearing and cleaning up the rubbish

6.    Recycling and doing your bit to improve the world environment 

7.    Teaching others to take more care

8.    De-cluttering and reducing our daily land fill loads

9.    Being conscious of what you buy 

10. Eating healthily

11. Making wise choices in the home

12. Travelling about the best way e.g. on foot, ride a bike or public transport to major locations

13. Watching your energy consumption with water, gas and electricity

14. How we work with the weather e.g. wash and dry our clothes

15. Respecting the trees, flowers and gardens

In times like finding a new home, I got to communicate with the fairies during a healing session and learnt that I need more time outside as the elementals have missed my presence.

I do love getting out, especially when the sun rays beam down on me to keep me warm…

So the fairies do know you but it’s up to you to make yourself be known to them.

Start believing is just the beginning...





Post written circa 2nd June, 2018