Do you believe that other creatures get angry too? Including the fairies. The fairies are here to help us clean up the world as we move towards a more balanced world by 2032. 

Since I have been working with the fairies, they need our help too, so I’m sharing what needs to be said. 

What makes the fairies angry? Not caring for the environment. The fairies know all those people who are not doing their best.

Here is a list of some of the things that make them a little angry:

o  Littering

o  Tossing cigarettes out the car window or on the ground

o  Cutting down trees

o  Pulling flowers carelessly out of the neighbours gardens (without permission)

o  Not interested or partaking in the recycling of every day use

o  Dumping rubbish in the waterways and oceans

o  Residential development of new buildings 

o  Firing up the car when one can walk or ride a bike

o  Leaving rubbish behind at events or public places like the beach, park or tourist attractions

o  Wasting water and precious resources

o  Being cruel to animals 

o  Not treading lightly e.g. not going barefoot and connecting with nature

Like all things in life on the healing journey, it’s not all about us! At times we have to do our bit to help the invisible world. Even if that means grabbing a bag and going for a walk to pick up rubbish or change the way you cook, clean or remove rubbish from your home. We all have a part in getting the world back to its lush green grass it once was. 

When we connect with nature more the fairies will inform us what changes we need to make. All changes start with us, then ripple out to others. Can you imagine visiting a friend then going home with a wonderful idea to improve your home or garden that has a less impact on the world? That’s how it can happen. 

One step at a time.

Trust the messages

Trust the images

Trust the feelings

Trust in the thoughts

To make those long overdue changes we all need.



Post written 2nd June 2018