Communicating with the fairies as they helped me work their magic to find my new home.

Communicating with the fairies as they helped me work their magic to find my new home.

Some folks might think you are crazy sitting outside in the back yard in pitch blackness talking to the rose bush? Oh boy, seriously you are not mad, just listening to your intuition.

Communicating with the fairies is easy than you think.

Here is some tips: 

·     Be patient

·     Go out side once the sun has gone down

·     Turn the lights off (or reduce light)

·     Head to the area in your yard that you feel drawn too (Particularly the dark bushy parts)

·     Sit near the bushes and talk

·     Ask the fairies to show you as sign

·     Maybe you see in your minds eye some images

·     Your heart may glow 

·     Take not of body sensations

·     Ask the fairies what you can do to help them (wait for insight or physical signs during the next few days)

·     Let the fairies know what help you need 

·     Feed them foods from time to time like mandarins, berries or good foods you know they will love (watch for your pets like dogs)

·     Thank them several times

·     Blow them little kisses

Fairies like calmness and are happy to work their magic if you are doing good to the world. Once you start connecting with the fairies, even it it’s taking photos in the neighbourhood, they love it as you are spreading your joy to all the animals, flowers, trees and people that you connect with. 

The fairies know all those people who are not doing their best like:

Ø Littering

Ø Tossing cigarettes out the car window or on the ground

Ø Cutting down trees

Ø Pulling flowers carelessly out of the neighbours gardens (without permission)

Ø Not interested or partaking in the recycling of every day use

Ø Dumping rubbish in the waterways and oceans

Ø Residential development of new buildings 

Ø Firing up the car when one can walk or ride a bike

Ø Leaving rubbish behind at events or public places like the beach, park or tourist attractions

Ø Wasting water and precious resources

Ø Being cruel to animals 

Just remember everything you do in this world is noted in the universal book of life.

So let’s have it filled with all the wonderful things you are doing for this planet. 





Post written 2ndJune 2018 (Edited 31 July, 2018)