A competition for a $1000 photo shoot in the tulips was announced on Facebook and damn. It wasn’t me. Then an email came from the photographer, I read the winners name and got no further….

It wasn’t until a few later I receive a letter in the mail…that it all made sense. I had actually won a $375 voucher from JD Photography Art. Woot Woot. 

After the initial details where sorted, shoot was set for the 6th December, 2018.  

So, I decided the makeover would be worth it, which entailed my hair and make up done professionally. Hence for days I was getting the figure of $100 was appearing in my head. I trusted that’s money well spent. 


Although, for sometime my eyes where often drawn to a building near where I live that had painted green words of hair and makeup on a black wall.  Within days I had my make up session locked in by Posh Pout Boutique without visiting the salon. The booking was all done online. How cool is that? 

On the actual day of the photo shoot, it was planned for me to leave work at ten, but my broomstick must have been on fire as I completed my role earlier than any other day.

Hence, there was one thing that struck me about this day was that I noticed the area in my tummy felt free, like nothing was holding me back! Not like on other days when it feels restricted, like an invisible band that makes it harder to move freely….

A short time later, I arrived at my hair appointment early with the students and some how the fill in teacher managed to cut and blow dry my hair! How lucky was that? Even though I knew it was the elementals and my spirit guides helping me be on time. I walked out leaving a bunch of wow, look at those curls…..kinda day. My hair has always had a mind of its own…

Finally for the make up, I learnt it was service where you take home products indeed. Sounds great, as I was worried about the lipstick. Within the hour I was completely transformed with temporary false eyelashes! Then when I was asked to check it out in the mirror, my eyes glue to the new person staring back at me.


Despite the extreme heat of 36 degrees and hot northly winds, it was perfect to me. So, I set off at 3:30pm (the actual time I got in my head from the beginning of my booking) and after some traffic delays I arrived after 5pm and headed for the change rooms. I slipped the hot dress over my head and walked back to the car to put my sandals and earrings in and I was ready….

Accept for one thing!

What does one do when waiting for the photographer? Take selfies. Until I found a suitable one to place on my social media.  Then he arrived as I was keying in the Instagram hashtags…

Selfie taken on an iphoneSE

Selfie taken on an iphoneSE

 Although the sun was darting in and out as we still meandered our way around the reserve that he knew so well. I was often reminded to SMILE. Seriously, it had been a long while since I was last in front of the camera and I have always loved it.

 Many poses and over 50 photos later, it was all done as we made our way back the car park.  We settled for the viewing for me to choose the best FIVE that I like. Oh, that may be hard. 

Cinderella, retired for the nigh and the lashes where last seen flowing down the plug hole. 

Next morning my third eye was showing me a black and white image and walking one.  Whatever I choose, 

I’m sure my body will know.

Which ones are the perfect shots for me to view.


Until the next time. 


 Post written 7-9 December 2018