When your feminne takes a hit BLOG.jpg

Today, I walked to work from the train station feeling light and breezy, then several hours later…


It hit me. 

AND it felt like somebody just slapped me across the face. 

‘What was that?’ I thought.

Tears nearly trickled down my cheeks, I stared in mid air wondering what had just happened. 

Hence, I had been working continuously all morning and really had been peopled out by this time. Then the reality light bulb came on when I realised it was my own inner feminine.

When your feminine takes a hit? It may take a while to recover, it may be rest for some, good healthy foods or a night-time bath. 

Our feminine can take a hit any time ,which often means you are either doing too much at work, home or people take you for granted. Many of females have been this way for a very long time and find it hard to gain that respect we long for. 

Now it might take me a nights sleep or a few days to recover. It’s just like when your battery on the phone goes flat...... when we have take a hit, we simply need to recharge.

Hopefully, these cases began to cease each day as many women are taking charge of their lives and it’s making a difference. 

Speaking from a woman who’s an empath, had people walk all over her just because she’s friendly and had to do everything herself, are some of the reasons why women struggle with their feminine taking hits all the time.

Until the red flags start to wave before the feminine takes these sudden hits, is the best way to recognise it. 

Another way of protecting your inner feminine is to see where these hits are occurring, at work, at home, housemates or just out to lunch with that toxic friend? Then they will keep reoccurring if you don’t take the measures to make that change, to make your world a better place. 

It’s up to you.

To nourish and feed your feminine.

Regardless because she really doesn’t want to take those hits for life.

Post written circa 15th October, 2018