Lord of the RINGS Location, New Zealand 2003

Lord of the RINGS Location, New Zealand 2003

Do you ever wonder why you are happy one minute then sad the next?

Maybe you suffer the ‘winter blues?’

On numerous occasions my body would just shiver, while my hands turned purple mostly due from the houses I lived in.

 Then I began to feel REALLY down....

It wasn’t until those grey clouds started hovering in the sky that my world began to change...that's when I discovered that my moods changed as the seasons did, many months after moving to Melbourne. 


Winter is a great time to work on those projects that can be done by the heater or wood fire instead of wasting those precious moments when the sun comes rolling around in spring and summer.

Just some tips on how to cope with the winter blues:

·     Live in a warm home

·     Find appropriate clothing like a good fleece jacket

·     Drink hot/warm water

·     Work from your bed in the evenings (if you can)

·     Go to shopping centres or libraries to do computer work where it’s heated

·     Visit the movies

·     Gain inspiration from DVD’s from the library, netflick or anything that can be viewed from the laptop in bed. (I spent many days hiring DVD’s from the library in the winter when living alone) 

·     Eat warm foods

·     Utilize energy when cooking and leave the oven door open when you have finished

·     Invest in an electric throw rug, they are just magical!

A majority of people do not know how to work with the weather so you gain the most from the winter sun and keep the night cool air at bay. The winter blues will continue until we learn to live with them or do what some do is travel to warmer places during the cooler months. 

Get your health in order. Over the years, I found when our bodies are in good balance with foods and healthy diet we don’t feel the cold as much, like when our iron levels are pumping lots of red vibrant cells. 

The winter blues visits us roughly three months in the southern hemisphere, I know I simply couldn’t cope in those minus zero conditions for sure.

Therefore, whereever you are.

Make the most of the wintertime to build up your projects.

Move if you cannot not stay

Life is for healing and growing.

We do not need to live in the one place.

Times are changing to more balanced weather and world where we won’t need rain or sun.

Because the grass will be green and the sun will shine…






Post written circa 4thJune, 2018 (Edited 17/18 July 2018)