How often have you thought of the colour of your underwear? I certainly didn’t. I bought what looked nice and affordable. Even when the doctor’s advice was to only buy fabric which contained 100% cotton.

Then sometime along healing journey which involves learning about energy centres, what each colour to represents,  and certain areas of the body. The colour red connects to our earthly needs like family, survival and money and it also the colour to helps us get grounded.

That’s when the red knicker fever kicked in.

Once I understood the effects of each colour, I began purchasing red knickers to see what changes it would make and sure enough my underwear collection was over flowing of red knickers.

Although, I wear whatever during the day, it’s when I freshen up in the evening that I feel my arm being pulled towards the red knickers. So, not matter what happens in the evening that is when I do most of my writing, and I find the choice of colour of underwear helps.

Once you delve into the origins of the chakra systems, you begin to understand what each colour represents. The lovely rays of rainbow colours are part of the energy body. 

Red knickers are great choice if you need more stability in your life and want to crack into your creative side of writing, painting or other hands on work. The red knickers fever ran a conversation between my friend N andu I.

“I need to buy red knickers,” or “I must get red knickers.”

Have you had a conversation like that?

Sure, I have.

By wearing my red knickers while writing is the pathway to abundance.

If you are not comfortable buying them yourself, drop a hint to your partner around Valentine’s Day? Maybe it’s just what you need.

One must think I was never a fan of wearing much red because when I was younger I read an article that stated it meant impatient. So, I avoided buying any red for many years.

My mum wore lots of read and it suited her and the label that came with it (sorry mum :) ).

I didn’t.

The more grounded we are, the more in tune we will be in our bodies, this means we are not clumsy and do things peacefully. We also  receive clearer messages for our life’s work.

Wearing the red knickers is one of the few things we can do to help get more zen and keeps our base chakra activated.

So, who’s joining me for the red knickers fever?

Post written circa 23rd August 2015, 11th April 2017