Numerous times over the years, I’ve been the victim another persons anger. More often, someone else’s toxic energy, that has been absorbed by them.

I tell you; it’s not pleasant and can take some time to shift.

Many people are not aware or know what’s happening and become angry themselves.

Off-loading anger is done via another person being angry or saying harsh words to a person then that person who received the unpleasant words comes to you. In this case in could be a boss, a parent, an area manager, a co-worker or even just a customer.

My current work life is where I ‘see’ and ‘feel’ it the most.

Let’s say a customer returns to your work place and complains about an item to your boss? Then your boss who was engaged in the conversation walks over to you, informs you of what the customer said. You have no chance of explaining. The boss now walks away feeling freed, while you’re now feeling frustrated. That’s because the toxic energy has latched itself on to you and you'll remain moody until you shift it.

What happens now?

Let the universe do that for you.

By working on our own energy and build up our auric field, theses lower energies will eventually leave you.

You can build a strong aura by:

·      doing meditation 

·      eating good healthy foods

·      Maintaining healthy friendships

When we build a healthy aura we are able to cope better with toxic energies. 

How we deal with anger also helps us to be more conscious when someone flares up at us.

The key is. 

Not to pass it on.

This same affect of the snowball fight is commonly known as psychic attacks and many may not be aware that they are doing this. Once a person has shifted the toxic energy from themselves, they feel better. But, the down fall is, if it’s not shifted correctly, maybe that another person is now carrying it.

Best ways to shift toxic energy quickly can be:

·      sage smudge stick

·       sage soap

·      meditation,

·      go outside

·      Exercise like walking, running or dancing

·      Write

Do what feels is the best and makes the difference.

In the past long before reiki, I would call a friend and talk things through and soon felt better. Now, I think is it really worth dialling my friends number or wait for it to pass. A main reason for this is some people are strong and don’t get affected by these incidents when somebody calls them. 

Depending on the time of the day you received the off-loaded anger, it may affect your work environment. Let’s say, it happened in the morning, at work. You may feel moody for the remainder of the day.

Next this happens to you, try to understand it’s not you.

It’s them.

Don’t pass it on to others.

Be the ocean and let it be washed out to sea.


Post written circa 23rd August 2015