The Hidden Truth of Colouring In….

How many times have you thought of buying that colouring for you and not the kids? Well, I don’t have kids and I often saw myself as the big kid instead. Then months past as the adult colouring books began filling the shelves of the book stores.

There were many.

But I only wanted on type.

Johanna Basford,

The one who created them. 

Because the hidden truth of colouring in lies within us in any colouring book.

For me it taught me about patience and trusting that we need to be in the moment to really ‘get’ the art of this latest rage and feel the excited stir inside of yourself as you create your own piece of work with your hands. My thoughts disappeared from my head, and my energy soared as laid down to sleep. All from just colouring in.

While my eyes would do most the work by tracing the outline of the picture and the image that needs to be coloured in with detail. Then I often heard the colour in my head to be use next. Even down to the words as light or darker if my page was feeling more too much of way.

For many this creative outlet helps people to relax and come back into that moment and heal them too. Maybe it strengthens a relationship with oneself or another family member.

Often we are used to drawings being coloured in completely, even though times have changed and it takes a bit of patience to hold the pencil gently and let the energy flow through your hand. This way we are able to create new colours on the pages. Like soft and bright colours when we are happy and dark moody colours when we feel down.

There is no right or wrong. 

Things have changed since our primary school days.... 

That's why many hidden truths emerge as we progress through each page until we have completed a book or three.




 Ergo Soft PENCILS - The ENCHANT FOrest - Johanna Basford

Ergo Soft PENCILS - The ENCHANT FOrest - Johanna Basford