Some people agree.

Some people disagree.

For me closure is everything.

I’ve never been one of those types that can just walk out the door of a work place or end a relationship without closure.

Saying goodbye,

Is an important part to moving forward.

In hospitality it is common for co-workers to make up their minds to leave.

And go.

Nothing is said to the customers.

I feel sad when this happens.

Now I’m highly intuitive, I’m often the one shedding tears over a co-worker long before they leave. It may sound unusual but it’s just the detachment process I go through. Then shortly after I let them know that they will be leaving soon.

How amazing is that?

Well, have a think about your working life, you spend most of your time with them. That’s why it’s important to enjoy the time you have until it’s time to make changes.

For me I see everybody as equal, there is no wall between a customer or myself.  Because I see people for who they are and will reconnect throughout my life with them if that is how my life pans out.

One incident that stands out for me while working in Melbourne, I was asked to fill in for a person at another site who was going on annual leave for two weeks. Then Only to discover that my job was closed behind my back so I stayed for another 3 weeks.

Closure is healing. No matter what happens, I wasn’t sad for the job.

But sad for the people as they we lead were to believe that I was…

Coming back.