Burn the hard copies

Burn the hard copies

Due to an overload of too many shots, ten of mum blowing out the birthday candles and 30 of the family pet that won’t sit still. So, it’s a good idea to declutter your camera images from time to time.

Many of our photos are taken in the spur of the moment, on tour and to keep moving or that wedding you just didn’t want to spend all of it behind a camera lens.

In times like this we tend to hang on to these blurred images. Think about what photos you like best and ask your self this question, ‘shall I keep that photo?’

The photos that fit in these categories might be:

· Past lovers/partners

· Stale friendships

· Situations that make you cringe

· Former workmates or places

· Duplicates of the same place or image

· Unhappy or sad images that don’t represent you

· Past illness or just keep a few

· Damage or corrupted shots

· Fugly shots


While many digital ones can be erased in seconds of hitting the delete button, while paper copies are best to be burnt. When the time is right there will be an inner calling that will seem right at that moment.

Part of the process of letting go is clearing out toxic thoughts and emotions attached to photos of your past. Like baby photos of your ex, your last lover or your former home you lost through a difficult divorce, needs to be cleared.

Best way to know is to look at the image and see how it makes you feel. If you feel any upset or you get angry means, it may not be a good idea to keep it in your possession any longer.

Ones that need to be burnt, pick them up and hold them. Any that you are unsure, put aside and deal with later.

This process may need to be done in stages and cleaning up your computer images in the evening while everyone else is off doing other things is good.

I find the closer we get to the end of the year is perfect as by setting New Years Eve as a goal, you have a target to keep going and be free of your ‘mental’ clutter on your computer.

Once you start the process, you may be drawn to a certain time in your life, or you may be a routine person that has to start from the very first image and work your way through each image.

Not for me.

I just hit a spot and start deleting….

May your computer and your soul be a happier soul by the end of the process?

I believe so.

Post written circa 30th October 2016