Actual TEXTS from a work site

Actual TEXTS from a work site

In the weeks leading up to New Years Eve is the time when the bug hits me for deleting old text messages. For some reason it seems like the universe wants us to ‘clean up’ by clearing out any old energies from the past year.

Texting your clutter out can make you irritable, nervy and some cases unwell. It’s part of clearing out that ‘mental’ box inside your head.

This process includes wiping most or all of your text messages including the call log. This action sheds those thoughts and feelings surrounding the time when those messages where written.

By the time you have cleared your phone from texts, phone call data and photos you will feel a big relief from it, as though a heavy weight has lifted off your shoulders.

Now, I only keep screen shots.


It’s time to cut it.


Be true to you.

Post written circa 7thJune, 2015, 31stOctober, 2016