Finding the Passion in Photography

 Taken on Dad's Samsung, December 2015.

Taken on Dad's Samsung, December 2015.

When you get back with 4,000 plus photos from an overseas trip like I did in 2008, you don't expect to arrive back in town with an invisible rope around your neck.


That rope, made me felt like I could never take another photo again.

I wanted to throw my beloved camera out the window!

I utterly refused to take photos.

‘You take them, I’ll get a copy of yours,’ I’d say to my friends.

Had my passion for photography burned out inside of me?

How was I going to find the passion in photography again?

Then as the months ticked over a friend noticed I wasn’t using my camera and when I did share a pic or two she often responded with, ‘I love your photos. You are very good Emma!’

No matter what I did, she always wished that I would take photos, especially flowers. I often wondered if she had a knowing back then that I was meant to be taking photos to help others heal?


Eventually, I moved from the camera to taking photo’s on my phone while at the beach, ‘everyone else is doing this, why not try it’ I thought.

 Image of my iPhone5 taken with the iPhoneSE

Image of my iPhone5 taken with the iPhoneSE

Magic happened.

I became hooked.

The idea of taking photos on my phone iphone5 had sparked my inner joy, because I was able to take photos wherever I was. My iPhone was now taking better quality photos than my camera.

I saw the difference.

Where ever I am, I see the world through the eyes of a photographer and love how the images