Burning Photos of the Past

 Burning Photos of the past is a cleansing process

Burning Photos of the past is a cleansing process

Earlier today I was blessed to guide a friend through the process of clearing in way that may seem odd to many.

Burning photos.

Many may not be aware of the impact of burning photos of the past has on us.

Believe me, it’s not the first time I’ve been presence in the process of burning photos.

A few years back I was visiting a friend and we decided to burn some photos, in fact it was old wedding ones that not longer served her. She lit the fire place and waited for the flames to rise then she carefully placed the wedding album on it and let it burn.

But something happened.

Once the album was ‘burnt’ the fire vanished instantly, leaving only a gold frame, like that marriage energy had ended there – just like that.

Fortunately, she didn’t clean the fireplace out.

Then, some years later, it was my turn to burn photos. I had spent all weekend making two piles, one of my ex-husband and the other of all people from the past. Then seeing dad had a wood heap already set, I organised a male friend to join me in case I went to pieces afterwards.

Once ready, I carried the pile of ‘others’ and he carried my ex’s and walked down the hill.

He lit the fire and I waited a bit then with every intention to through them on slowly and say a few words...

But the fire heap was laced with bracken the heat got so fierce that I had to stand back and throw them as fast and quick as I could.

Said my words of gratitude each time.


We waited.

We watched.

Until the last of the photos had disappeared before us, then water started to roll down my cheeks and he embraced me briefly, as friends do.

We turned and slowly walked up the hill.

With a knowing, I was now healed as my body now felt weak.

The burning of photos of the past was required on two more occasions before the process was complete.

First time was done safely in the back yard and then second time I nearly had the neighbours on fire!


Today, the fire was fast and slow then roaring and then almost vanished in one hit then it all was perished with a feeling of relief.

That the job was done.
For closure.
In order to move forward.
On a new journey…starting tomorrow.