PHOTO : Bath, England. 2008

PHOTO : Bath, England. 2008

There those who steal your time and there are those who steal your money. What about the ones who you are living with?

People who steal are often in disguise whatever masks they are wearing.

Not only those folks who take your money and have a ball, it also robs you of your trust towards them too.

I had a thief in my house ONCE too. It took me a year to recover, but I survived.

But really, what about the disconnected folks out there how are turning the renting game into a business and not charging the right amount? It’s a form of stealing from those who live under that roof. Well, maybe they will never find out. We can’t count on that anymore as the intuitive crowd is growing and if they are anything like me they will find out the truth…one day.

 After a year or so of living in Melbourne, there was a thief in the workplace and because my shift crossed over one day, so I was considered a suspect. My mum had wise words for this.

            ‘Don’t worry, because one day it will happen when you are not there!’ 

And it did.

The crazy thing was this person was taking the same amount each time. Sadly, because we where paid cash, we sometimes didn’t have time to go to the bank. I wore my pay most times to save being a victim and to this day, I don’t know who it was. 

 Then while I was working in a catering firm my co-workers began acting really strange and not getting the money ready for me as I needed to go to another building, then it ‘came’ to me that money was going missing…somehow.

Then the red flag came one morning when I rolled up to work to be questioned about making any mistakes and the remote till I had used the day before was fifty dollars out!  My response was, ‘If I make a mistake is usually a figure like $3.40 for a muffin or food item.

It wasn’t till the years went by, I saw things I didn’t like and even dreamed of people who were dealing with money…. Again, I trusted that they would not find me taking a cent. Although I do wonder what happened once I left as people like to put the blame on others and they could have ‘stopped’ suddenly. 


Yes, one I will find out, eventually, because I always have a way of finding out the truth in magical ways, even if it takes years….

It’s important to remember.

People who steal can steal your: 

  1. Time

  2. Money

  3. Trust

  4. Confidence 

  5. Possessions 

That’s why it’s vital now to learn how to stand in your own power, regardless of what’s happening around you.

Learn to be more observant with your eyes.

Follow those gut feelings.

And let the heart lead because that is the centre of our intuition.

Post written circa 5th June, 2018