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Are you told the full story? 

I’m talking about those times when you are informed of a situation and it’s those people who only give you half the story.

  In reality there are many times people hold back information from you and only tell you half of what’s really happening. It’s common in workplaces and situations that are out of your control. 

 Maybe you finally find a perfect home and not be told the truth on arrival that the house is to be sold in a few months or changes at work are going to affect you and they only give you snippets of the story.

Which doesn’t work when you are dealing with someone who is in tune with life, because when you know the full story, the clarity can be seen and the in tune person can see and make changes accordingly.

 Although there are times when we walk in blind and let the person who only gives you half the story ‘control’ the situation has the upper hand. That can cause problems down the track, cause either the person will seriously make changes to their lives and leave those situations where you are not going to live out life the best way when you are kept in the dark over certain circumstances. 

 If only we had known, we could have helped our awkward moments be a little more smoother. Maybe saved up more money for a new move or taken less leave during the year may have resulted completely new outcome if you where told the full story at the beginning. 

The only way things are going to change is when our intuition is on fire and we see through all conditions and be confident to ask more questions.

Remember, it’s the ones who don’t speak the truth will be the ones dealing with the built up issues later down the track as some of us call it karma. 

 Let’s work on living a life being in truth and our way of being will flow more magically the way we have always dreamed. 

Be authentic. 

It’s the way of the new golden age….

Beginning now. 

Post written circa 25thDecember, 2018