NB: Originally posted here on 3rd April, 2016.

In late 2013, I returned home from the library with a recommend book and began reading the book Angels In My Hair.Then over the next several nights this book had a hidden power over me. Strong enough that the moment I placed the book down I felt a drawing force to pick up it up again.


Then the moment I'd walked away and within water was streaming down my cheeks.

Then the days wore on and I kept reading to the point, that I placed the book on the computer table and read hands free. Then an uncomfortable feeling arose within me up to my throat until I grabbed the book and placed it in my hands again.

That’s how it stayed, next I was taught...A life lesson.

Love Not Possessions

The story goes with a woman named Lorna grew up seeing Angels and was not able to share what she experienced. Until she wrote this book. But, somehow I became attached to her husband and the compelling story of believing in the power of a man’s love over possessions.

Due to the husband’s illness they were unable to have much because he showed Lorna that love was the most important thing in life.

Just being.

Was all she needed.

On numerous occasions my eyes welled up in the events leading up to his death that had my chest tightened with pain as though I was fighting my own fears of being left behind. But, it wasn’t until things in my own life were about to change…


Then an invisible magnet drew me to stay up late until I read the last hundred pages of the book.

Although, for some weeks prior to my housemate vacating I had been crying for no reason. 

It came and it went.

Then when my housemate began moving out, the following day, I pulled up in my car on the opposite side of the road.

I sat.

I watched.

AND let the tears roll off my cheeks as I saw all my housemates belongings being loaded into several cars. But it wasn't until some time later I headed into the house and my body began shaking uncontrollably that I couldn’t stand being in the house.

So I vacated.

Only for a few hours before returning home.

I was standing in an empty shell.

The fear of being left behind was now present. It took me a few days to realise that when you are sitting in a bare house it makes you accept what really is important.

Possessions are material objects that give an illusion of filling in an empty hole. So, don’t buy into possessions.

Really, nothing can be more important than another ones love...

Yes, I said, “Love.”

Post written circa  30thOctober, 2016