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NB: This post was originally posted on 23rd August 2015. Reposted as there was a technical error.

How can this be done you must wonder?

Hold on.

I paid for this stuff.

‘I’m going to fight my partner down to the last cent.’

Well, tell you the truth that most of what you salvage from that relationship or marriage will leave you in the future. Why? Whether you realise or not

Everything in your surroundings contains energy good or bad.

I have a story to tell and goes like this

When my marriage folded I filled my car to the brim and left. Although in my minds eye I saw that it was over and had been for sometime, I still returned two weeks later. Then the moment I looked out the window waiting for him like I had done in the past, my eyes weld up those memories came flooding back.

It was over.

The truth was I had manifested my own reality.

The strangest part about this situation was I relied on my father to help me relocate my ‘bigger’ stuff.  But that never happened. My mother pushed me and I retaliated and I felt no drive to get my belongings. Even back then long before I heard about Reiki, I felt this ‘thing’ in my gut.

Now I know it was a sign to let it go.

I did.

Then it took me years to recover. The thoughts of leaving a few childhood items behind never left my mind. It wasn’t until I began my Reiki that I understood why all the ‘stuff’ I had saved was slowly leaving me. Each item was slowly replaced with another item in a brighter or lighter energy form. It's only now, I understand that cannot be with me.

Let me explain why.

Say you and your partner were away on an exotic holiday and bought a colourful rug and now you have separated and it’s in your new lounge room.


But the problem is when you lay eyes that rug it sends lightening bolts to your heart and mind, triggering emotions that surround the rug.

The partner.

How much it cost.

How the rug was transported home and so forth.

In order to for you to move forward or let go of the past your house needs to be clutter free of any items like clothes, furniture, jewellery, perfume, photos or gifts from any previous relationships. Even if you cherish them.

In my case, once the cleaning frenzy’s started, I couldn’t stop and they often hit me on a Friday night and I would go like a beaver in a burrow and not surface until I had found it.

The particular item that needed to go!

Sounds crazy, but it is true. I thrived on that burst of energy to get things done, but once the 'thing was found it all fell calm around be like the eye of a cyclone and in that moment.... I knew.

I was done.

Post written circa 25th May, 2015