Goosebumps are real, my leg on a warm day

Goosebumps are real, my leg on a warm day

It’s often a thing you read about those chills that run down the spine or the hairs that stand up on ends.

Yet, not many say they understand the difference between them.

So there is the difference, goosebumps verses tingling.

Goosebumps or ghost bumps as a psychic friend quoted to me many years ago when I first started this journey are the ones you can see and tingling is the invisible version.

One day during a psychic reading, the hairs on my arm stood up and ‘Michelle’ informed me that they where a sign of confirmation. Meaning if a person is speaking to you and you get goose bumps or tingling is a sign they are stating the truth. It’s ‘confirming’ the information that’s being said.

After this psychic reading, I tried to recall from what age I had got goosebumps and in my memory. 

 Nothing stands out.

When I learnt the difference between goosebumps verses tingling I thought it was normal. 

It wasn’t.

Growing up as a child who felt the cold, you often found me gravitating towards the fire or heater. Then the moment I turned my back to the warmth and wave sensation would ripple up my back. I even asked a customer one day if she had this? ‘No, I just feel warm’

Oops maybe was I different?

So here is the difference, goosebumps verses tingling


·     The skin prickling

·     Hairs stand up on ends 

·     Can be seen physically with the eyes

·     Appear anywhere on the body, mainly arms and legs

·     Some people believe the Goosebumps come because you are feeling cold 

·     They best come when the body is most relaxed. 


·     Felt inside the body

·     Invisible 

·     Wave movements and can happen anytime, even laying down in a meditative state

·     Rushes of movement on different parts of the body, partially on the head under the skin but above the skull bone. Sometimes it can feel like some one is ripping your skin off your head. Weird. But it’ happens to me frequently.

·     Often felt run up from the base of your spine up through your back as you stand with your back to the fire. 

·     Sensations come when you read or see a person who has crossed over may be in near you. When ever I see Princess Diana or sometimes her children, like Harry’s wedding, then theres sudden rushes of tingling through my body. Perhaps you have this with someone else? A favourite singer? 

·     Most times if I’m visiting someone who lost someone who is close I feel the movement through out the body

Over the years as my intuition got stronger, I learnt to take note when there was external or internal movement. Often glimpsing something on the television is all it takes. There is no right or wrong and unfortunately, I couldn’t tell you how to get this to happen to you.

ALL I say is look for ways to be a more an awakened soul and watch what happens to you. Occasionally, I’ve met people and they’ve never experienced it, but in time, they caught the bug and that is magic.




Post written circa 7th January, 2019