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Amazing what a walk can do! Or the windy day we had spent outside.

While looking at a gum tree sprouting fresh new leaves along the limb, I heard the words ‘New growth.’ 

‘Hey, What’s happening?’ I thought.

Since the new year began in 2019… words are flying at me from all over the place and even blog titles are coming forth so damn quick that all I want to do some days is sit and write. 

That is not my usual reaction. Even though it says on line that this year is a year of action and as I predicted in my blog don’t do anything that is a waste of your time,’ is certainly ringing true.

 The old habit of reading on the train as I go to and from work was honestly not sitting with me. But because I had a pile of unread books… some I had wished to move on ASAP and they did. 


New growth cannot happen until we have shed the old ways or we have not decluttered the home or work place properly. So, it’s entirely up to you how you go about this project. 

 I’ve seen how people fly once they have cleared their homes of unwanted items and only kept the items that brought them happiness. That’s how our belongings should be. 

 Even new growth happens on our spiritual journey too, many get side tracked or caught in a rut with finance and find it hard to do anything to make their life easier. That’s happened to me too.

When I discovered Reiki, I didn’t know how I was going to find the $300 plus for the course when I had an interstate trip already booked and paid for. But it happened.

AND doing that course actually gave back my life back. 

I was changed and through the meet-ups I met many people and one guy ended up coming to my house for a period of two years to exchange Reiki followed by him learning Reconnection and Pellowah, and lots of new growth came out that on both sides. 

 Next time you feel a little low, take a look at your life and see if you are lacking new growth in your life or you need a physical makeover in your home.

 THIS year is definitely not a year to be slack.

Post written circa 9th January 2019